The grass is GREENERY.

Ok, I think I need to work on my blog titles but this was my feeble attempt.

For those who know me well, they know that one of my favourite colours is GREEN especially for the home.

When we moved into our house back in May 2014, I always knew our lounge was going to be focused around my favourite colour. I’m not usually one for matching, however my ideas came together with incorporating different shades, textures and depths.

We were fortunate that when we moved from our flat to house, our furniture fitted in perfectly. We did however have to add a bit of height to the room, so we invested in this shelves and draws combo from one of the firm favourites Next Home. This allowed me to collect lots of new nick nacks to display. (What a shame!)

So how have a got my greens to work? We started off with Laura Ashley’s ‘Sage’ paint to create our feature wall. From there we have slowly built up with cushions from Zara Home and again Next Home, throws from House of Fraser and a beautiful wall clock from my local homeware shop. Nothing expensive, just from your high street shops, without breaking the bank.

We then kept the rest of the furniture fairly neutral. Incorporating a range of greys, taupe and natural woods.

My top four purchases for this room have to be:

  • John Lewis- Taupe table lamp
  • Coasters (mix and match) – Anthropologie
  • Picture frame (with wedding snap!) – Nook, Leigh-on-Sea
  • Penguin Books wall art – John Lewis




We’ve  managed the get this look with investing in some long last quality pieces and the rest have been brought together, without spending alot. The small nick nacks help personalise the space, making it welcoming, cosy and a room to be in.

I’ve seen some rooms look over baring if the same colour is used throughout but if you want to get it right, here are my top tips for colour balancing:

  • Stick to the 60-30-10 rule. Plan your colours before following through. A good guide is always, 60 percent of your living room should be a dominant colour (nudes), 30 percent should be a secondary colour (greens), and 10 percent should be an accent colour (orange).
  • Mix up the textures. Instead of having all your colours come from just fabric or walls, why don’t see if you can find glassware in your chosen pallet? Or any wood features?
  • Go with the colours you adore. It may seem silly but rather than creating a living room with is the hottest colour this month, create one with the colour you love! It’s your room so make it yours!
  • Buy a tester. Don’t risk it in Homebase because you love the colour of the tin. Depending on the light in your room will greatly change the colour of the paint. Buy a few of the favourite testers and put them on your wall for a week. Throughout the day the light will change and then you can get a true idea of what you love.

And the best news of all? Pantone has just selected their 2017 colour of the year as….GREENERY! So we have a whole year of to celebrates this glorious colour!


But what’s your rating? Love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time…



Author: Emma White

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