Save or Splurge? {Home accessories} 

Hello my fellow blog readers!

My sincerest apologies for the radio silence these past few weeks. It been really crazy here at the White house. But don’t fear, I have been planning my next few blogs for all your home needs.

So does anyone realise it’s Christmas? Has anyone noticed the shops and roads are crazy and your bank accounts are a little lighter? Well its nearly upon us with just 1 sleep till Santa and all I will be thinking about will be ‘How can I make my payslip last?!’ We like doing lots of bits and bobs to our house in the new year, so I am going to share some of my best finds this month. All home accessories throughout the house with the options to, you guessed it, SAVE or SPLURGE!

I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to spend a lot to personalise your home but there are tones of options out there. Its just knowing where to look and having the patients. However, if you do want to treat yourself and go for the deer option, that’s fine too.

So here are my top FINDS in December!

Hand wash

SPLURGE at Aesop with the gorgeous Resurrection Aromatique Hand wash. And as quoted on their website “A superior cleansing gel for hard-working hands.” For £28 for 500ml it really is a treat for any bathroom. Shop for it here.

SAVE at with this beautiful packaged Amber Hand wash. “Lightly fragranced and perfectly formulated to cleanse and hydrate hard-working hands, the amber hand wash works to revive and protect dry, sore skin.” And for only £9 for 300ml, I call that a bargain for the same look! Perfect for any Instagrammers bathroom. Shop for it here.

Wall clock

SPLURGE at The White Company and buy this beautiful Oak wall clock, perfect to get your Hygee senses twitching. Suitable for any room this can really create a feature on any wall or mix in with an array of wall art already there. Setting you back £120 may be pricey but god damn beautiful. Shop for it here.

SAVE at Maison du Monde with the full wood affect wall clock from their modern copper range. Ready to hang in your office or maybe your kitchen to give any room a freshen up. Buy this online for £49.99 which helps your bank after Christmas. Not exactly the same affect as The White Company but this one may take your fancy even more! Shop for it here.


Desk Lamp

SPLURGE at one of my favourites, John Lewis. I am really a fan of this Sea Green desk lamp. Why not try this in your lounge on a side table to give the room a more industrial feel but with a splash of colour? Or liven up your office space on your desk next to the paperwork you need to get through. Great for the winter months. This lamp will cost you £130 so not the most expensive our there, but we can find cheaper. Shop for it here.

SAVE at, another one of my favourite websites. We found a desk for our study from Made, which I will share with you all at some point. Do you have your eye on a desk lamp but don’t want to break the bank? Well visit Made where you can pick up their Cohen table lamp in Green for only £29.99! And if you don’t fancy Green, you can pick up this light in an array of colours. How about pink, black or blue? It is slightly smaller but just as cute. Shop for it here.

Collage Picture Frames

SPLURGE at Oliver Bonas with this Grey, 24 picture frame with a fab Geometric effect. This would look great on any wall to help personalise your space. Fill up with your holiday snaps, wedding photos or just an array of your favourite pictures. This cost £98 so is a real treat for your home. Shop for it here.

SAVE at Masion du Mode again with this modern photo frame for 16 picture in Grey. This is from their modern copper range and just as the Oliver Bonas frame will fill beautifully any space. If you haven’t got as much room to spare, this has 16 pictures rather than 24 so it maybe more practical for only £46.99. Shop for it here.

So there you have it. My top SPLURGE or SAVE shops this December. The key to having a happy home is filling it with the things you love the most. So these little home accessorises, together with your most cherished processions really ensure your home reflects you as a person.

I hope you all have a bloody wonderful Christmas.

Until next time…

Emma x



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