My top home fragrances of 2016

Who else here has a ridiculously unhealthy obsession with candles and home fragrances this year?

I am definitely one of those people. There is nothing quite like coming home from work, kicking off your shoes and lighting a few candles while lounged out on the sofa like a Greek goddess. Ok, maybe not quite a goddess but you get the picture.

My favourites range in flavours, price and store. I really just go with whatever I like and mostly whatever I can afford. The candle industry is big bucks at the moment and if you want, you can go overboard and spend over the odds for your fragrances but that’s not always needed. Here’s my top five fragrances for my home this year.

  • H&M’s – Cotton (£12.99)

With a gentle fresh frangrance and a cute understated glass, this has been a firm favourite at home. The candle burnt for a fair amount of time and now finished, the cute glass is going to be used in the bathroom for storage. Practical! 

  • Illume Boulangerie Jar – Whipped Cream and Pear/Anthropologie  (£16.00)

Who knew whipped cream and pear could smell so bloody beautiful?! This uber sweet scent really does fill a room even when not burning. I picked up mine from Anthropologie but these can be picked up in other stores. If super sweet is your go to then this is perfect for you. 

  • Jo Malone – Mimosa and Cardamom  (£42.00)

Ok, I know this is quite pricey but Jo Malone are the god of beautiful frangrances. The mix of Mimosa and Cardamom really does give off a relaxing, delicate smell. I have this next to my bed side and then gentle scent does help me fall asleep.

  • The White Company – Seychelles (£20.00)

For those who know, we were lucky to spend part of our honeymoon in the stunning Seychelles. So this does have a place in my heart. When I popped into my local White Company I was thrilled to see they had this fragrances. But funnily enough the scent does take us both back to our honeymoon. It really does smell like a bottled holiday. Pick this up in a candle or reed diffuser. 

  • IKEA- 5 unsented candles (£4.00) 

Even though these candles are unscented, these really do make any room so cosy without adding too many frangrances to the mix. And you can pick up 5 for only 4 quid! So these are great to stock up on, without having to spend much! I love them in white but you can pick these up in Red or Grey.

But with a love of candles comes lots of empty glasses which are great to use around the home. Our empty Peony White Company glass is used in our bathroom for cotton buds! And we have a bowl shaped container we now use…as a bowl! Or how about using one to keep your makup brushes in? Pinterest is full of different ideas so go and get insipired. But it’s important to fully clean them out before use. This is my full proof way to clean your empties: 

  1. Fill the jar with boiling water 
  2. Give a little stir with a metal spoon
  3. Add some ice to cool and harden the wax
  4. Carefully pour out the water and the chunks of wax 
  5. Peel off any unwanted labels
  6. Wash jar with warm soapy water 
  7. Dry 
  8. Ta da! One recycled candle jar!

So there you go my top frangrencesnfor 2016. It’s exciting to see what 2017 is going to smell like! What were your favourite scents this year?

Until next time…

Emma x

Author: Emma White

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