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Evening all.

With the January days starting to get slightly longer day by day, my desirer to carry on re-styling our home is only getting stronger. We will soon be remodelling the Bathroom this month (so I will show you all some pictures soon), however with the style now decided, I have moved my attention to our bedroom. We haven’t got a huge amount to spend on this room, so there will be a budget revealed at the end.

When we moved here back in May 2014, we were desperate to get our stamp on the house and make it feel like our own. When we first moved into the flat before the house, we were both much more into the vintage style furniture. This is lovely but we both have become bored of the style and feel like a freshen up.


Main bedroom
The White Company: Bedding


As you can see we have a very white bedroom, with a blue flowered print feature wall, yet feel this is now slightly dated. In addition, we have had this style bed for a number of years, so think its time for a shape up!

On the other hand at this angle, I do still love this chest of draws which we picked up free in our last flat, as it adds a real sense of character to the room. Also this canvas of Hot Air Balloons over Paris is still one of my favourite pieces. Additionally, our brand new White Company laundry basket will defiantly not being going anywhere.

So what are the plans?

Rip down the wallpaper!

My now husband did a brilliant job putting this up for his first shot at wallpapering, so he is still coming to terms with the plan. However he favours the idea the whole wall will be painted white with a shelf hung above the bed, with all our favourite prints and pictures. I’ve already picked up this print and frame from Ikea for only £10 (I’ve sold this as futureproofing and it seems to be working!) Much like the images below found on Pinterest.


Frame and Print: IKEA

Enhanced quirky lighting!


So, we will be taking out the Laura Ashley shade and replacing probably with an industrial look fitting, which I have had my eye on for a while now. Our ceilings are quite low, so we have the be careful with what we pick (oh to long for a high ceiling house). We are also going to fit in lights hanging down from the ceiling on cord as side lights. No shades, just antique style bulbs.


Beccles: Suffolk



Jump into a new bed!

We are both still fans of the iron frame beds. These are much versatile and are much better value, however we have tired of our white Ikea frame. So instead we are going for a black, more simple frame. We’ve found this cracking bed from The Original Bed Co. which ticks every box. Its much more simple but still has some character to it. And for £169 for a Kingsize bedframe, I would say bargain!

Waldo Bedframe – The Original Bed Co.


Bedside #shelfie goals!

To complement this lovely bed, its going to need some fitting bedside tables. And also the lights hanging down will have to look right. So we are going to aim to find some wood bedside tables with either one of two draws. We love the 70’s style bedside tables at the moment with their retro feel and shapes. Some ideas featured below from again Pinterest.

Pull up the carpet!

We need to do a little more investigating however we believe that we are lucky enough to have original floor boards under our carpet. So the plan will be to take this up the evaluate from there. If all is well, we will either wash these white or leave natural if good enough. But just to make sure the place has a little Hygge to it, add some mismatch rugs to bring out the cosy factor.

We have a few other plans to move various bits of furniture and also inherit some from family, but I will leave this as a surprise for next time.

And finally BUDGET. As said before, we are spending most of our house funds this year on the bathroom renovating, so we are going to cut this restyle right down and use as much as we have at the moment. The plan is to come in at either on or under £500. Do you think its possible? Let us know your thought.

Until next time…

Emma x


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