Project Home: Bathroom Renovations {the finished article}

At the start of February, as you’re probably all aware from the multitude of Instagram posts, we started our bathroom renovations. AT LAST!

Our bathroom before wasn’t horrible or out dated, it just wasn’t our taste. With being small in statue (as our plumber lovingly reminded us on a daily basis) and lacking in sunlight it was our least favourite room when we brought the property. It’s design before was dark, grey tiles, black (glitter) floor tiles and your classic white bathroom set from your local DIY shop. It was functional, clean and did the job but we were desperate for a freshen up.


{NB: I apologies for all photos of the bathroom, they aren’t brilliant. It is so difficult being such a small room to get a good shot. But you can get the picture. (intentional pun)}

We quickly had an idea of how we wanted the room to feel. Light and airy with a slight industrial feel but also have a juxtaposition with an antique style radiator. We leaned towards classic white metro tiles with grey grout, a monochrome finish floor, mixed metals and to have no bath to help try and gain space.

The biggest challenge was fitting everything in. We knew we wanted a walk in shower with just a glass pane and flat shower tray, but this surprisingly took up more room than the bath. Buying a bespoke size was out of the question as it would have set us out of our budget , but with a few stubborn conversations we agreed on a layout. Sink and shower stayed where they were, toilet swivelled round and radiator moved a little closer to the door. Not a huge changed, but not a huge room. Perfect, but would it actually work?

When our plumber started, he needed to take it back to the bare bones. This proved problematic at the start as our walls are thin and not well insulated due to the properties age, meaning pulling off tiles without ripping down the wall became our three day fear. Yet all was fine and work started on getting the plumbing in place. During this time, we had out nightly run over to the parents to use their amenities, which involved dashes outside in PJ’s trying to make sure the neighbours didn’t spot me in my Mr Tickle Primark set. Yes, these are just as embarrassing as they sound.

Once the plumbing was all laid out and making sense, the flooring went down and the walls started to be built back up. We also had a box created where all our shower unit sat in, as we had the joist of the stairs to contend with. Having this, did allow us to have an alcove built for all our lotions and potions, which has now become one of our favourite features. So this was built and all plastered in. We had the joy of tile Tetris as the original finish of the room, isn’t quite level and we tired to avoid as many cuts as possible. However these did of fit in just right in the end.

Well after four weeks, did it work? Did it all fit in and are we happy well. Yes, just and YES. It easier if you talk you through the room one photo at a time to show what we did and decided. First of all shower….



We went from a brass coloured unit which contrasted well with the metro tiles. I wanted to add another texture for the alcove, so picked up a square of grey marble locally which sits snuggly in place. I will list all the places we picked up our items at the end of the blog.

With the window sill, we loved the idea of having a large piece of reclaimed timber as the shelf to help add another texture to the room. However wood and water don’t always match, resulting in spending a few days sealing the wood to ensure it didn’t warp over time with moisture. It came out a little darker than hoped, but we are both still thrilled with the finish. I added this little terrarium and our old copper mirror but wanted to keep it as clutter free as possible. But don’t worry, a Bathroom wouldn’t be complete without a White Company candle.


Just underneath you will find the sink set up. I’ve always wanted a butler style sink, whether it be in a bathroom or a kitchen. Although as these do come rather large, I went for a mini butler sink style, which fitted in our petit room. We wanted to avoid at all costs chrome finished taps, showers and so on but it was equally just as hard to find good quality either brass or copper finished style in the UK. We decided to go for mixed metals, for why the hell not and pick up this copper brushed mini tap online which fitted in just right.

The flooring is one of my favourite statement pieces of the room. I liked the idea of a monochrome finished as it didn’t bring too much additional colour in, but did have a real wow factor. However, this floor hasn’t been fully tested in hangover mode so I will get back to you on that one.

Now onto my favourite part, the radiator. It’s amazing what a good looking radiator can do to a room. Normally I can’t stand the sight of them. I picked an original style radiator in a slight ornate finish to the main body. I spent a long time deciding what colour to go for, but glad I stuck to my gut and went for matt black with brass fittings. I wanted to keep a good contrast against the bright white metro tiles and thought black would stand out the best and be in keeping with the flooring.

For final room decoration, we picked up a round wall mirror from John Lewis with again an old brassy/copper feel, hanging from a large leather strap. It was hard to find a bathroom corner cabinet which wasn’t mirrored, so we picked up this plain white one hide away against the wall. The colours of the walls ended up a light grey, which I’m still thinking about repainting a little darker, but time will tell with this one.

So there we have it, our bathroom renovations. It was one of the hardest jobs so far as with a bathroom, you usually have to buy it all first then put it in. Meaning you can only pray that it will all work out.

But all in all, for our first bathroom renovation we are pleased as punch and have our light, airy bathroom we were aiming for.

Let me know what you think and drop me a line if you have any question on the transformation.

Until next time..

Emma xo


  • Shower unit: eBay
  • Metro Tiles: Tons of tiles. White gloss, with belvedere edge
  • Shower Tray: Merlyn
  • Shower Glass Pane: Merlyn
  • Terrarium: Geofleur
  • Wall mirror – John Lewis
  • Corner cabinet – Argos
  • Floor tiles: Tons of tiles
  • Vanity mirror – Next Home
  • Towels & Bath Mats – H&M Home
  • Radiator – Coventry Demolition
  • Sink – Victorian Plum
  • Sink tap – Olif Trading Ltd.





Author: Emma White

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  1. Wow – so much to love about this bathroom! The radiator is beautiful and I’m rather in love with that brass shower. It looks so good next to the tiles. From the pictures it looks like you’ve doubled the size of the room – its so much brighter.

  2. Oh my goodness, where to begin? Love the tiles. They are beautiful and I would probably have chosen them as well. I think the thing I like best about your bathroom is that it’s timeless. It’s not edgy or showy, it’s just classic and clean. Great choices in fixtures and tiles. My bathroom right now looks like the previous version of yours. I think we even have the same lined tile. Great choices! Enjoy your lovely bathroom (now there’s a sentence I never thought I would say).

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