DIY wall planter {get the look without breaking the bank}

With the UK being treated to a few warm summers days recently, I can’t help moving my love of home styling to the outside.

We brought some retro style garden furniture from John Lewis a few weeks ago, which compliments the garden well however the space still felt a little bland. The long term goal is to create a little veggie patch in the garden, however this probably won’t be until next year now. Nevertheless this doesn’t stop harvesting our own little herb garden, but we wanted to keep these out of the beds and not spend a fortune on pots.

And there was the idea. I decided to create our own little wall herb planter in our outside lounge. I’d seen a few ideas on Pinterest before but had a good idea of how to execute the design without spending barely anything.

So, what do you need to create your wall planter?

  • Wooden trellis (this needs to fit to size depending on where you want put your wall planter) we went for 6ftx3ft for our space from Homebase.
  • Silver tin pots (mix of sizes will improve the look) around 7 from IKEA
  • Lanterns 2 – 3 (we went for black from IKEA but you could go for whatever colour to suit your garden design)
  • String of solar lights (around 20 lights)
  • A variety of herb plants – whatever takes your fancy or you can pick up at your local garden centre ( how about sage, rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, tarragon)
  • 4 wall plugs
  • 4 large screws for attaching to wall
  • Long screws for your lanterns
  • Normal size screws for hanging your pots
  • Drill


  1. To start, make sure you measure up your trellis before hanging on your wall. You may need to cut to size before hand.
  2. Drill your holes for the wall plugs (check the wall for wires before you drill of course).
  3. Put in your wall plugs and screw through the trellis into the wall plugs.
  4. Get your tin pots and drill three holes into the bottom (for drainage) and a hole just below the top edge to hang from the trellis.
  5. Before hanging, work out the placement of your pots and lanterns. I hung the larger pot nearer the bottom and the lanterns at the top to help balance the planter.
  6. With your normal screws, drill yours pot to the trellis, through the hole you drilled earlier.
  7. Use your long screws to hang your lanterns. Drill these into you trellis around 2cm in. This is so your lanterns hang nicely.
  8. Pot up your pots with your herbs and hang your lanterns.
  9. With your string of solar lights, weave these around the trellis between the pots.

And you should finish with something a little like this….


img_2750img_2752 img_2751

When totalling everything up, this DIY herb wall planter only cost £50. That includes all pots, trellis, screws, plants, lights and lanterns!

What do you think? Have you any other inspiring garden ideas on a budget? Share in the comments, I would love to hear all your ideas and thoughts on my planter!

Until next time…

Emma x


Author: Emma White

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