Going potty for pottery {Workshop}

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I don’t think I am alone in the world with the thought of a pottery wheel conjuring images of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in the classic Ghost. I still can’t watch that film without bawling like a baby.


But much to my sorrow I don’t think I could be any further opposite to Demi and my husband doesn’t really resemble the late great Patrick, so our pottery wheel class wasn’t going to replicate this famous scene at all. Plus, would be a tad awkward with the in-laws there. Anyway, I digress.

Back in April, as a present to Dave’s Mum, we all trotted down to a pottery throwing class in Warwick at The Ceramic Studio. None of us has tackled this before, but were eager to get cracking and see what creations came from the day. Our teacher Leyla was a master at the wheel and when demonstrating, made it look ridiculously easy. But of course, its never easy at it looks.

The studio itself was beautiful. Adorn with pottery of all shapes and sizes with beautiful furniture and every colour you could imagine. It felt so relaxing and homely, a perfect creative space.

The general aim when starting out is to get the hang of the technique so you create something not to thin, sturdy and will survive the firing process. Easy right? Wrong. My first attempt ended in a sloppy mess so I started again. Remembering each step of the way what Leyla has said, but mostly asking her at every step “what do I do next”? I must have been so annoying to teach as a child!

To pick up the knack, it really is just trial and error. Finding your own rhythm and creating as much as possible in the first few stages is how we learnt best. I was no way a master after just three hours but I felt like I understood the process. And most of all ,its so relaxing! Great for the mind as you focus on the clay and the speed of the wheel. You can also paint the pots before firing which added your own personal touch to your creation. Here are a few snaps before firing.

Yet the funniest thing of the day, the men were naturals. Dave, his brother Paul and their Dad were all bloody brilliant. We just sat there in oar and jealously but this is a normal occurrence in our family. But we had a lot of fun.

So did our piece survive the firing process? We have only just received these, hence the delay in the blog but take a look…

Guess which one Dave did?
My best effort.
Can’t forget the crap one
Flat lay – of course.

If you are interested in having a go at Pottery throwing, I would highly recommend The Ceramics Studio in Warwick. They range in workshops from absolute novices to those who have tackled the wheel before – they offer something for everyone. This is in no way a sponsored ad, just a very high recommendation.

Happy throwing everyone.

Emma xo





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