Taking a leap and landing on cushions {a blog about me}

Ok so the title will make sense later on in the blog.

I have been promising this post for a few days now but I’ve struggled to sit down and put into words what I want to say and achieve. Talking about interiors and projects is something I never struggle to write about, but this one is more about me and its hard to know where to begin. But lets just give it ago.

If someone at random asked me to sum myself up in a few bullet points without being negative and stating my standard demographics (age, sex, location), I think the first things that would come to mind are:

  • I love to make others laugh
  • I’m addicted to Chocolate and Gin (but not together please)
  • I am obsessed with anything to do with Interior Design/Styling

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There’s more I could go into but I would say these are a good way to sum me up. Until recently I have had a very stable career in Human Resources (HR) but that wasn’t always what I had planned to get into.

When I was 19 (god this feels like a long time ago), I left college to go and study Psychology at university. I studied this as an A-Level and without bragging, was good at it, which aided when picking my degree. However this helped me learn one of the most valuable nuggets of knowledge I still carry with me today. Just because you are good at something, doesn’t mean you necessary will enjoy it or want to continue with it.

With this in mind, a year and a half into a degree (and £10,000 of student loan debt), I dropped out. Still to date one of the hardest decision I made. I wasn’t happy and hated the course. Although what I didn’t realise was the inevitable choice, now what the hell do I do? This is when HR came into play. I’ve always been a people person so HR made sense to a young, naïve version of me.  My parents and Dave helped as well and it seemed like a perfect choice.

In January 2012, I started at the bottom of the ladder. 21 years old and an Apprentice in HR. It was a brilliant opportunity and got my foot in the door of HR while studying at the same time. I then went onto a HR Administrator job for two years, then onto my most recent job as a HR Co-ordinator, still being my best job to date. Treasuring friends is something close to me and I made lots of good, close friends at my most recent job and also had a fantastic manager. I studied and completed my CIPD qualification but two years in, I couldn’t think why I was still unhappy.

At this point I still loved interiors. This was embedded in me from when I originally went to university. I still remember looking at prospectuses and reading about Interior Design courses. It would have been a challenge as none of my A Levels were art based but I did mull it over. My parents have always been supportive in any choice I make, but I do remember my Mum saying when I was looking at the courses, ‘But… you can’t draw.’ and this still makes me laugh to this day, because yes I can’t draw.  It was the right choice not to pursue it at this point and know this was always the right decision.

However back to now. I started researching Interior Design courses again to engage if I was still interested in learning, which I quickly discovered I was. I think the moment all the planets aligned, a multitude of pennies dropped and all the lights at Blackpool Tower lit up, I turned to my husband Dave and went, ‘I’m gonna bloody do it.’ His initial answer , ‘What are you talking about?’ because the conversation leading up to this point had been in my head. Yet after many long chats, I made my decision to follow my heart and change my career to Interior Design. To this day, I have only ever asked for Dave’s opinion as it directly affects him but I wanted this to be my own choice.

Looking at the timeline of events, this was October 16. I want to learn so looked into a foundation course in Art and Design, kind of a generic one. I knew if I wanted to study Interior Design further at degree level, I would need this foundation as a starting place. I found one locally which started in September 17 so I applied, had an interview and was accepted . I was so elated but still had to keep it quiet and my plan started from there and here I am now.

I decided that I would leave my job in June and have the summer off. I know this seems a little drastic to just jack it in, but this has been a 9 month decision not taken lightly. Overtime, I felt it would be draining to try and change career while still on another completely different pathway in HR. I had a two to three hour driving commute each day and the job at times was very stressful. My heart wasn’t in it so that was my decision which I have followed through with. And with a fabulous, drunken leaving do, I’m now here talking to you. Unemployed and only a vague plan.

But sometimes its ok to plan, not to have a plan. Because I don’t know where this is going to take me. But what I do know is…

  • I want to make my career in Interior Design.
  • I will be going to study in September the foundation course in Art and Design.
  • I will keep blogging, home renovating and Instagramming my home.
  • I will continue to up-cycle furniture and sell on.
  • Nothing is going to stop me.

Edited Side Bed_-8

This is a brutally honest post. I don’t know if I am going to apply to do the full three year degree. I am leaning towards that way at the moment but we will see. I want to also see if its viable to set up my own business over this year. But I am being realistic, this may be difficult. But I’ve never been scared to take on a challenge.

There may be some people out there thinking, how the hell can she just give up her job?! I hear your question and here’s my answer.

  • I’ve been saving nearly my whole salary for the past 7 months to prepare.
  • We’ve recently been sorting out all our bills and mortgage to significantly reduce our monthly spend.
  • I’ve stopped buying from ASOS on a weekly basis.
  • My husbands work very hard and a ridiculously huge amount of hours to help me follow my dream.

So pretty much guys, that’s it. That’s me. That’s my plan/no plan and that’s my choice.

Which explains my blog title. I am taking a giant leap to follow my heart and land in the world of interiors, a world of cushions, curtains and curating my style.

Do you think I’m crazy? Brave? I’m still not sure. But one thing I am, ridiculously happy. As soon as I made the decision, I’ve been lighter than life.

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Thank you for listening everyone.

Until next time,

Emma x

Author: Emma White

Welcome to Apogee Interiors, a blog all about Interior Styling and Lifestyle written by Emma White. I'm beyond passionate about all things home. Interiors is what I love and this shines through my site. My taste ranges from scandi to raw industrial, so don't fear to challenge me. I want to show people how to enjoy designing and decorating your home. With hints and tips along the way. So far, I have learnt everything through trial and error, fellow bloggers and the odd book. My motto is be brave and embrace your creativity. If you love what you've done, it will look good to everyone through your passion. I hope you enjoy reading. Please get in touch about anything in the world of interiors!

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  1. Hey Emma!
    Thank you so much for the post it spoke so much from my heart! I just found you on Insta and I love your style ❤️ I think you are genuinly talented and that you totally took the right choice. I am right now exactly at the point where you were a year ago and checking for interior courses allthough I have a BA and MA in Business but Interior Design just makes me happy and I finally want to follow that path instead of only dreaming about it 😉

    I wish you the best of luck!

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