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Having one single piece of furniture in the house just dedicated to serving and displaying booze, may seem a little frivolous. However this statement piece can add a certain flare and fun to any space.

Previous to my recent purchase, I have been spying on fellow bloggers/Instagrammers beautiful trollies and with the child in me shouting ‘I want one!’ I started my search. So, I moved along to the classic home shop favourites, West Elm, Oliver Bonas and was horrified at the prices. Now these trollies are genuinely stunning and if we had the money, we would have had one turn up on the door stop the next day. Yet sadly, this was never to happen as the husband could not understand why we needed one.  So the search stopped as I couldn’t justify why we needed one.

But here’s the best bit. When visiting a friend not long ago, I spotted at an old furniture store something gold and shiny sitting on the lawn. Me being a magpie, went charging over the see what it was. And to my delight it was a two tier gold drinks trolley with marble style tops. Get in! To my joy, the guys only wanted a tenner for it, so I happily handed over the dosh and strutted my arse back to the car with my new baby under one arm. Do you know that feeling when you get an absolute steal when in the shops? That was me.

We haven’t got a dining room and our kitchen hasn’t really got the space to take it, so I decided to keep it in our living room with a little shuffling. I started looking back through Pinterest at previous trollies I have saved to a board and saw them covered in stunning decoration. I wanted to go out and buy loads more for it, an interesting cocktail shaker, new Gin glasses but we couldn’t afford it. So I used what I had in the house to style this beauty with no other expense. Here are my tips with what you need to style and how to achieve the look:


What’s you theme?

Do you want to try and create a theme with your trolley? You could do this with colour by having all gold accessories or you could do this with your booze. I’ve gone for a Gin theme (with the added Chambord because the bottle is just so pretty). But you could have different Vodkas, Whisky’s or a complete mix if just booze is your theme. But having something running through will help. Although just use what you’ve got.

Edited Side Bed_-4

Tools of the trade

Now this sounds obvious but its good to have what you need to create a fantastic cocktail. We were brought a set as a moving in present which has a range of muddlers, spoons, shaker and measurers. All you need to build your creations. But don’t splash out on a new shaker if you cant afford it. We have used ours here to store our tools, as it is a glass shaker (not sure on the technical term here). Have you got a cool bottle opener? Chuck it on! We have this pretty little thing from Anthropologie, which sits on the trolley perfectly.



Don’t bottle it up

Back onto the bottles again but its an important one. Try and have different height bottles in your cluster. This way you can appreciate more of the variety, without them being hidden by the guys in front. Also vary the style. Having the same style of Absolut bottles, could look a little boring but mix it up with whatever you have in your cupboard.

You stay glassy

You can’t have a drinks trolley unless its adorned with pretty glassware. I would have LOVED to pick up some Gin glasses but there isn’t much point (but don’t fear, they’re on the birthday list). We have beautiful Oliver Bonas metallic wine glasses which go perfectly with the trolley, so I have chucked these on. We also have some cute Nkuku tumblers, which we were brought as a Christmas present and have thus popped these on. And it still looks great. Again, use what you have. Or have you got any old wine glasses you could jazz up? How about grab some gold paint and paint the bottom of the glass for a statement? Cheap and they would look good enough for Kate Spade to stock.

Edited Side Bed_-23

Keep it clean

The rhyme goes, one Tequila, two Tequila, three Tequila, FLOOR so I know a few cocktails into the evening, my pouring and cutting skills won’t be on form. To aid this I have added a cute tea towel over the rail (gold pineapples, standard) which also helps hide a couple of scuffs on the handle and handy for quick clean ups. I’ve also brought in my favourite Anthropologie chopping, Moby the part marble whale to chop our lemons and limes on. This just helps protects the top for longer and encourages you to use the space, rather than running out to the kitchen.

Edited Side Bed_-26

Something we haven’t got but I would really love is a little bit of art work just resting at the back. Maybe a Mojitos recipe? But there’s time to add to it. I have also chucked on a bit of greenery (fake unfortunately) to break up the gold. Ideally, this would be a mint plant but we have time to grow the trolley styling (see what I did there).  I have dotted a couple of pots underneath which could store some tins of tonic or even chuck some ice in. Both from Anthropologie.

Edited Side Bed_-22

So there you have it, how to style a 10 quid drinks trolley. What do you think? What else do you like to add to your trolley? Let me know below, I would love to hear.


Emma x



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