Our Bedroom Makeover {the finished space}

It was 7 months ago now since I posted my original blog, all about our plans for the bedroom and when I set the £500 challenge. How the hell has it taken that long to actually finish the room!? Time and money played a big part on the delay. Also we had to wait a few months for a cupboard from the parents. Albeit, we have finally finished the space.

I’ve been sharing lots of pictures of the room recently anyway, as it only needed a few more bits to be finished. It’s also one of the only rooms in the house I consider Instagram worthy at the moment (I hang my head in shame). Hopefully this won’t be the case in the future, as I am already cracking on with the Kitchen.

Just add a bit of the old ‘scene setting’, here are some before snaps…


Now, the question I’m sure everyone is wondering is did I stick to budget? Well I am going to talk you around the room first then will reveal all at the end. Got to build the anticipation guys.


I wanted the room to feel light, calm with a slight Scandinavian vibe. Bringing some plants into the mix, gave a bit of life into the room and we kept some wood furniture to add a more natural feel. Before I tended to sway towards white furniture, but now I wanted to avoid white and bring black into the equation.

The Big Changes


When we moved into the house back in 2014, we had upstairs a thick, grey carpet. It feels lovely under your feet but to much controversy, I hated it. I still do because its still in our two spare rooms and hallway. It just drained the rooms of any colour. This was our opportunity to rip it up. We had a feeling underneath the grey would be original flooring, but wasn’t sure. Yet we still took the gamble and to our delight, we had beautiful wood flooring still intact. Yes, it has been stained orange but never mind, the sander can fix that (AKA the husband).

We spent ages contemplating whether to keep the natural pine look or to paint it white. We stuck with the pine because thought if we fancied it white down the line, this would be easier to do rather than going from white to pine (and for the sake of my marriage). So we just coated it in a matt varnish to protect it and voilà! Pictures are further down, keep scrolling!

The Walls

We originally had up a floral, shiny wallpaper as a feature wall. Which for some reason, I liked when we moved in. Yet to no surprise, quickly went off after a couple of weeks. To keep the room light (and cheap) I went for really boring white walls. I wanted the room to feel relaxing, so felt that anything to busy going on could jeopardise this.


Our wardrobe had to stay. Even though I had vision of creating our own cupboard, the husband wasn’t buying it. And he was right ”There’s nothing bloody wrong with this one.’ Granted. So it’s stayed and looks fine in the room. We also kept an old rustic style set of drawers, which we got for free when we were renting our flat (I love a freebie). I love the style and its always fitted in the room so well.


Styled Edits-32
Image – Apogee Interiors


Everything else went. The bed, white drawers, side drawers gone. They have either been sold on Gumtree or are awaiting to be sold. This meant I was able to use the money sold from the items, back into the pot of restyling the room. (As outline in the original, blog challenge).

The bed was a fairly easy find. I wanted a black, iron bed which didn’t cost the earth. Which we found at The Original Bedstead Company. As our white IKEA frame which had been with us for so many years, was so creaky I think the old boy in the next street could here us turning in the night. The side tables took ages to source. I loved the scandi style sets on Swoon Editions and West Elm, but we couldn’t justify the prices. Yet after hours searching online and in shops, we settled on these cute retro style ones from Matalan. Costing £120 for the pair.


Styled Edits-3
Image – Apogee Interiors


We inherited a lilac cupboard from my parents, which I have loved for years. I spent two days sanding it back to the original pine, and is now one of my favourite features of the room, as it was cost free. But not forgetting my upcycled round wall mirror, with hidden cupboard! I found this at a local antiques shop and it was love at first sight. My husband had to go back a few days later to collect it, as I couldn’t lift it on my own. It was a little more than I wanted to pay, but being a one of a kind piece I couldn’t say no. I have also lovingly upcycled it cost free by giving it a lick of paint, building some shelves for the inside and wallpapering with this fun, tropical paper. For seating we lastly picked up a bench to sit at the end of the bed, for £40 from IKEA and a cute accent chair from Home Sense for just £40 as well.


Styled Edits-55
Image – Apogee Interiors


Styled Edits-61
Image – Apogee Interiors

Image – Apogee Interiors

The Smaller Details


I was desperate to have a rug to help fill the space at the end of the bed and wanted to add a little colour, but keep it fairly neutral. To my luck, I found this navy blue and cream, giant frayed rug from IKEA (pictured above) for just £45. In terms of bedding and cushions, we had all of this before so this was reused. Apart from these black and white glories from John Lewis, which I picked up in the summer sales for £22 each.


Styled Edits-18
Image – Apogee Interiors


We’ve also kept my beautiful ottoman in the room but have cleverly hidden it. I love it but the colours just don’t go and until I learn to upholster, it wasn’t changing any time soon. Its also really good storage for bedding. To fix this, I picked up a throw from Homesense for £6.99, chucked it over the top and popped it in the corner. It now looks like a chilled reading nook, which I love!


Styled Edits-48
Image – Apogee Interiors


Final in the textiles heading is curtains. These were one of our last purchases, as I spent ages contemplating styles and colours. I didn’t want just plain grey and liked the idea of having two sets. Resulting in another trip to IKEA (YAY). We picked up the black poles for just £6 each and went for two grey/white patterns, which clashed yet oddly compliment each other. Both sets totalled £32.


Ok , so prints got a whole section because there are quite a few of them. My idea was to have a hauled of prints as almost the feature in the room. Such as above the bed as a feature wall, while also dotted around the room to bring in other subtle colours into the mix and tie in a theme. All are very simple, Scandinavian style, with a botanical/nature theme throughout. We have ferns, cactuses, flamingos, the moon, a forest, the lot. All of the prints are either from Desenio, IKEA, Slay My Prints, Not on the High Street or Home Sense. With the frames either being cheaply sourced from IKEA or The Range.


Styled Edits-13
Image – Apogee Interiors



Styled Edits-58
Image – Apogee Interiors



The lighting in this room is very minimalistic and simplistic. The ceiling light is just a black pendant light from IKEA and we have a grey, pendant floor lamp from Argos over the accent chair. However my favourite feature is our bedside lighting. I was fixed on the idea of having just bulbs hanging down next to the bedside. Again a very simple design. Dave was the main man on this, as he found all the part needed on Amazon for only £20. The Electrician who was sorting out the bathroom lighting, fitted these at the same time.


Styled Edits-10
Image – Apogee Interiors


And all the rest

Plants, pots and pictures. Apart from the plants and their pots, all of the accessories are either old or were pinched from different parts of the house. All of the plants minus the big one in the corner, were picked up in the Homebase reduced section for £1 – 2 a pop. And with a little love and light, are blooming again! The other bigger one was just from IKEA for (I think) around £10. All the of the pots ranged in price. Some 40p from IKEA, others £1.20 in the Homebase reduced section again. The most paid was for the big plant which was £6.99 in Homesense.

What I am trying to say is look around your home when restyling. I’m always moving things around rooms. It helps them feel fresh and new without spending anything. Some of the bits which were in the bedroom, are much more suited to the lounge and vis versa.

Styled Edits-24
Image – Apogee Interiors

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Image – Apogee Interiors

The Budget

Now did I stick to the £500? Ok if I’m being honest, when we got to May, I completely forgot and just wanted the room done. So that did set me off target a little. So the total spend, minus £100 (as this is what I have sold previous furniture in this room for) is…


Woops! Ok that is quite a bit over budget. But as I said earlier, I did forget about the budget half way through. Nevertheless I am actually still proud of the spend. For anyone who knows me, I am happy to chuck money at home bits because I love them so much. However from doing this little project, I now know you don’t have to spend a lot, to be proud of the outcome. As I would have easily spent £700 on a bed in the past! A few bits of advice I can give with a budget makeover is:

  • Do set a budget at the start. Even if you go slightly over, you won’t go out of control,
  • Use what you’ve got. Can you reuse/upcycle furniture to give it a new lease of life.
  • Borrow. Have you any accessorise around your house that would fit better in the room your are making over?
  • Enjoy it! I now love finding a bargain for the house. I am always on Ebay, trying to find a deal on furniture. And when you get it, its far more rewarding.

But of course, the room wouldn’t be complete without this little fur ball, strutting his stuff….


Image – Apogee Interiors


Below are links to some of the piece you can purchase. None of these are sponsored and all words and opinions are my own.

Have you done a budget make over before? How did you get on? Share your stories in the comments below!

Until next time…

Emma x

Here are some final snaps of the space….



Styled Edits-25Styled Edits-27Styled Edits-31Styled Edits-36Styled Edits-38Styled Edits-45Styled Edits-46Styled Edits-48Styled Edits-57Styled Edits-63

Styled Edits-8


Styled Edits-13Styled Edits-2



Styled Edits-18Styled Edits-15Styled Edits-17Styled Edits-13Styled Edits-2


Styled Edits-21Styled Edits-13Styled Edits-2

Styled Edits-23Styled Edits-12Styled Edits-5


Styled Edits-6

Shop the look

Here’s some of the furniture and accessories still available to buy online.


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  1. Emma it looks AMAZING!! And well done on the great before shots, I get so wound up when people do a reveal and only have one meazly before shot (or none at all!) The final result is always so much better when you can see what was there before. Love all the detail, great job and thanks for linking up to #HomeEtc, hope we see you again soon X

    1. Awww thanks Lins! Really appreciate it ☺️ I’m glad I remembered to take some. I usually get carried away with redecorating and completely forget! More than welcome! X

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