Hello 2018 {New Year, Same Me}

New resolutions suck right?

I am all for self motivation, challenging yourself and aiming to live a happier and healthy life but why does it have to be in January? The dullest month of the year. I’m guilty of setting myself unachievable new year resolutions before and naturally not achieving them. I did however write a blog last year about my new year aims, do you remember what they were? Here’s a refresher…

  • Get outside! Go for walks each weekend and swap the gym for the outside. Ok this didn’t happen as such, but I have tried to do more things outside last year.
  • Say no sometimes! Instead of always going out to dinner or to the shops, spend more time at home on projects. 100% achieved.
  • Take up the carpets! We have just found out that we have floor boards under our carpet so we will be taking this up in 2017 and having beautiful natural floor boards. 75% achieved. Only the landing and stairs have carpet – the rest is all original floorboards – we LOVE it!
  • Re decorate our bedroom! We want to do this anyway, so I am going to be taking some of this inspiration and creating more of a Hygge style bedroom. Done – you’ve all seen the photos.
  • Buy candles! Well, I have an obsession with doing this anyway so I guess its more to continue. I am not sure why I made this a resolutions – it was always gonna’ happen.
  • Use the nook area to read and blog! Done but I have found other relaxing areas to work and read around the house too.

These were good goals. More lifestyle changes which was leading to a happier me. And when reviewing my year, I can happily say all these elements have helped my overall happiness. That and quitting my job and studying Art!

So 2018…

Giving up smoking, losing weight, cutting down on drinking can be started at any time of the year. Don’t wait until January to get started. Do it when it feels right and when you know you’re in the best possible situation to achieve these mammoth tasks.

What am I aiming for this year? I am focusing my new year on achieving personal career goals. As you all know, I am currently back at college studying art, preparing for hopefully a further three year studying towards an Interior Design degree. Exciting but also scary. Its easy to fall behind on things, one of mine being blogging as college work gets in the way. So I am aiming to push myself even more into the world of interiors by making an effort to stay on top.

  • Writing a blog plan at the start of the year to organise my blog writing. Two a month as a minimum.
  • Spend time taking more engaging photos of the home. Improving my photography skills in the process.
  • Reviewing and setting monthly goals. Such as social media following, home renovating and networking.
  • Attend workshops, events and shows to further develop ideas of design.
  • Create my own logo and business cards for Apogee Interiors.

I set similar goals when I quit my job and found these really enjoyable to work towards. As a person, I am content with who I am and my mental health. Yes, I do want to eat healthy this year but this isn’t going to be a resolution. I am just getting on with it. The goals above are more meaningful to me and something if I put my mind to it, I can achieve.

However what I should mention is to look after yourself when setting your goals. Don’t put pressure on yourself and your life by judging it against someone else’s. Setting smaller, practical goals to make yourself your own, will be more rewarding in the long run.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2018.

Until next time,

Emma x

Author: Emma White

Welcome to Apogee Interiors, a blog all about Interior Styling and Lifestyle written by Emma White. I'm beyond passionate about all things home. Interiors is what I love and this shines through my site. My taste ranges from scandi to raw industrial, so don't fear to challenge me. I want to show people how to enjoy designing and decorating your home. With hints and tips along the way. So far, I have learnt everything through trial and error, fellow bloggers and the odd book. My motto is be brave and embrace your creativity. If you love what you've done, it will look good to everyone through your passion. I hope you enjoy reading. Please get in touch about anything in the world of interiors!

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