Trends for 2018 {three months late}

As you can see in the title, not only is this post all about trends for 2018, it’s three months late. In January, I popped up a poll over on Insta stories asking you all if you wanted my take on interior trends and I was happy to see nearly all of you wanted this. Yet, I have failed to provide until now. I have been a little poorly recently which has stunted this article, however I am now ready and hoping you’ll be interested to read three months into 2018.

Anyway, ramble over. 2017 saw the rise of brass, steady hold of marble and the start of the copper fall. Love it or hate it, Interior trends are just like clothing trends, but its so much harder to stay up to date and more expensive. But don’t fear, at the end of the blog I will pass on a few little tips to keeping up with the Interior trends, if you want to of course.

Right, onto the big guns. With a bit of research, here are my trend predictions for a 2018 home:

Mixed Metallic’s

What I mean by this is not sticking to one type/colour of metal throughout a room. I know this could be controversial, but here me out. Usually in a room, you would look to match all your hardware, fixtures and accessorises for example gold. But with a little planning, you could achieve a much more relaxing design. For example, a cooler silver based lamp could compliment a warmer gold drinks trolley if they shared a similar style. We’ve gone bold in our bathroom with a copper tap and a brass shower.

Image – Apogee Interiors


Image – Apogee Interiors


Everything Herringbone

The hype of Herringbone has been featured over most interior trend blogs for 2018 and everyone is right. Not only are we being graced with beautiful herringbone flooring, but we are all laying our metro tiles at an angle this year. The visual aspect is more appealing and its not a new style. Some of you may be lucky enough to have original Parquet flooring in your homes. We all envy you.



Exposed Plaster Walls

For anyone who has undergone home renovation, I’m sure you’ve all seen the beautiful pink and peach colours Plaster creates as it dries. I mean, Farrow & Ball called a paint colour Setting Plaster. A trend we could see coming through is leaving those walls as is. Embracing the beautiful colours the raw material creates. It goes well with the trend of peach rather than pink this year. A great rustic look for a kitchen or bathroom. If you don’t want to leave it o’natural, why don’t you try and replicate the affect with a peachy coloured paint and sponge?

Getting Arty

In 2017, there was a plethora of scandi inspired prints which adorned our walls. Me included. As beautiful as they are, they can be lacking a sense of individuality and depth. Which is why this year, we could be seeing original artwork sourced from local artist. A little more expensive, but something to really treasure. I like this idea for shopping small businesses anyway, so becoming a trend for 2018 would be even better.

Image – Apogee Interiors

The Dark Side

Dark painted walls has already been seen during 2017, nevertheless I think this was only just the start. Downpipe may not have been Pantones colour of the year, but it was certainly Insta-homes colour of the year, mine included. What we may be starting to see is are deeper shades of other colours such as Violet, Burgundy and Sage to create an atmospheric visual impact, without using grey or blue.

Image – Apogee Interiors

Keeping up with the trends

What’s important to remember is not to get carried away with following trends. Style is eternal. And if you decorate your home how you love it, you won’t need to keep up with the trends. However for those who enjoy a little home renovations, here’s some tips on keeping up with the styles:

  • Paint don’t wallpaper – its so much easier to chuck a new paint colour on a wall rather than re-wallpaper. Keep the walls plainer and let your textures bring through the patterns.
  • Replace cushion covers – Some companies such as H&M home sell the cushion covers separately to the inners. This may feel like a swizz to start with, but actually could be a blessing in disguise. Buying just the covers are a lot cheaper and a quick way of revamping a space. And the best thing? Storing old covers is more easier than a whole cushion. Simple fold these up and store until they come back around in fashion. They nearly always do.
  • Move things around – I hope I’m not teaching you guys to suck eggs, but I find this a really neat tip. For example. I had two beautiful vases in our lounge, which just didn’t suit the style anymore. However their scandi form did suit our boho style bedroom. And like that, a little corner of a room is revamped for no cost. Wall art could benefit from this technique too.
  • Learn to love a spray can – Don’t like that copper Pineapple anymore. Grab a can of gold spray paint, spray it on and you have a new Pineapple. Or grab some masking tape and create a funky geometric pattern . This is of course extended beyond Pineapples to kitchen handles and hooks.
  • Pick what you truly love – Its so easy to become swept up in different styles such a Terrazzo, dark walls and painting ceilings. But don’t just do it for the likes, do it because you love it. You’ll love it for longer if you love it in the first place. Another simple concept but one which can be easily forgotten.

What trends are you already loving in 2018? Is there anything you are wishing never hit the highstreet? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Emma xo



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