What’s that colour called? (A guide to our paint colours)

One of my most frequently asked questions over on Instagram is always;

“What colour have you used on that wall?”  

I love all your comments and questions. But to save you guys time, I thought this handy little post will help with all my current wall colours. With a little of why I chose them.

*Disclaimer: I do slightly edited my photos, meaning the colour on the wall may be slightly altered from ‘real life’. However I have tried to use unedited photos for this post, so you can see the unedited shade.*


Where you see white on the walls in my photos, it will always be Dulux Pure Brilliant White – Matt Emulsion Paint. Its reasonably priced and comes in a huge 10L bucket, meaning we’ve always got some on hand.


The main blue wall which pops on my grids quite a lot, is Farrow & Ball Hague Blue in Modern Emulsion. We wanted to have definition between the dining area and kitchen area of this space, and Hague Blue acts as a statement to achieve this. Modern Emulsion is the wipe clean version, so much needed in the kitchen with the potential of booze splashed walls. (Speaking from experience.)

The grey on the rest of the walls is Farrow & Ball Ammonite in Modern EmulsionIt compliments Hague Blue well, neither being too cool or too warm. We have cream kitchen cabinets so going for white would have made these look dirty. But the grey acts as a nice base for the rest of the space.


In a bid to find a dupe of Farrow & Balls Downpipe, I came across Homebase’s Home of Colour Slate Grey in Matt Emulsion. It doesn’t have the same depth or richness as Downpipe and in some lights, has a blue tint. But that’s why I liked it. It was a gentle transition of colours from this to Hague Blue in the kitchen, while saving some cash. Which was probably spent on something interior related, 5 minutes after the paint purchase.


Probably one of my most asked question is what colour is in this room. The not quite green, not quite grey colour is Farrow & Ball Pigeon in Matt Emulsion. It’s meant to be a blue-grey, but in our lounge in comes out much more green. Which is probably because of the teal sofa. I didn’t want to cop out and go for grey or white in this room, but felt the sofa was too bold to have something bright on the wall. So this fitted well. However I am looking to possibly change the colour in the room, so watch this space…


Not photographed as much due to its small size however this is one of my favourite colours throughout the house. I went from Crown’s Hometown. Which frustratingly, I can’t find on their website. My favourite colour has always been green and I wanted to bring an earthy version of this into our home. The landing was perfect as we don’t have much in this space, so the colour acts as a bold feature.


Being on the front of the house (north facing) means this room doesn’t get a lot of light. So I decided to embrace the dullness and paint all over with Farrow & Ball Pavilion Grey in Matt Emulsion. As I am going to be spending a lot of time in this room over the next three years, I wanted this space to feel relaxing and timeless. Which I have achieved with a multitude of greys. I find to be creative, I have to have a neutral space to work in so I am not distracted. Pavilion Grey acts as the perfect backdrop to this.


Now this has changed a couple of times. But currently Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue in Modern Emulsion adorns the walls. A little lighter and bluer than Hague Blue, the contrast against the brilliant white metro tiles works well.

My favourite colours for the home, are those which have an earthy feel. As I find them relaxing with a little bit of drama and interest. These can be light or dark colours, I don’t stick to one or the other.

I am aware it may sound it but this isn’t a sponsored post for Farrow & Ball. I am just a fan of their very earthy and rich choice of colours.

Author: Emma White

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