Spare Room Makeover Reveal [in Collaboration with Oka]

NB: This post is part of a paid collaboration with Oka. All items from Oka have also been gifted.

For the past five weeks, we’ve been giving our pretty lacklustre of a spare room a makeover. If you’ve seen my previous post, I’ve been completely inspired by embracing beige but balancing the shades out with some burnt orange tones. While ensuring we had some good storage by building our own wardrobe. Working with Oka has helped this space come to life with some gorgeous accessories and furniture with these colour palettes.

The Walls

For the walls, I used Little Greene’s Roman Plaster, which has a really warm tone to it. Painting the coving as well, has helped make this room feel taller. But to add interest and a terracotta colour, the skirting has been painted in Emanuella by Rocket St. George. The contrast works well with the white washed flooring.

The Bed

As explained in my previous blog, we wanted to keep our Ikea day bed as it pulls out to a double. However I don’t really like the day bed look. So we cut off the edges around this, to make it fundamentally a divan. Then I added a rug (Gifted from Dunelm) hung above the bed as a headboard. This is probably one of my favourite features.


Other than the bed, we decided to change up all our old furniture as it was ether broken or didn’t really suit the style I love anymore. I was kindly gifted this gorgeous side table from Oka, which complimented the rug and wall colour perfectly.

We decided to build a wardrobe and drawers from Plywood, so that we achieved exactly the storage we needed. Plus the Plywood went well with my more Beige concept. The doors were kept handle free so they looked more modern and minimalist. With the drawers just having round holes for handles. The storage is practical but also looks great.

The gold Icarus mirror from Oka above the drawers, helps stop the corner from looking a bit flat with wood. And is probably one of the most beautiful mirrors I’ve seen.

I’ve also decided to keep my set of Hexagon shelves from Urban Outfitters. They’re great to style and feature some gorgeous little tortoiseshell vases from Oka.


As the bedroom doesn’t feature many patterns, I wanted to bring a little into the bedding. All of the cushions are from Oka and are so plump you just sink into them! The linen bedding and throw are both H&M home.


These are some of my favourite parts of the room. I absolutely love Tortoiseshell, so when I found out Oka had a gorgeous range, my heart sung. I’m also a total sucker for anything abstract including these beautiful set of white and brown Karo Vases. Which soon became home to a bunch of dried flowers.


The room was finished off with this glass bottomed table lamp, which is a very dark yellowish colour. With its slightly geometric glass pattern around the base, it acts as such a feature in the room.

The finished room really had a Moroccan feel to it. With the variety of textures and colour palette, it feels inviting and relaxing. And hopefully somewhere our friends will enjoy to stay in.

I’ve had quite a few messages, asking for a tutorial of how we built our wardrobe and drawers. This was all my husbands doing and in his words he kind of “made it up as he went along.” As they are totally bespoke to our ceiling height and size of the room. But if anyone has any questions, just pop me a message and we will be happy to help!

Author: Emma White

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  1. I lived in London for 5 years and being from Australia I could never quite get used to smaller spaced living! You make it look so inviting. Where were you in my twenties? (don’t tell me. It’s possible you weren’t born yet). Awkward.

  2. I lived in London for 5 years and being from Australia I could never quite get used to smaller spaced living! You make it look so inviting. Where were you in my twenties? (don’t tell me. It’s possible you weren’t born yet). Awkward.

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