Finding products which grow with you {in collaboration with John Lewis & Partners}

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When buying products for your home, one of the hardest parts I find is sourcing products you are going to love and be able to keep for years to come. Not only does taste and trends change but your situation does too. Maybe you’ve moved into your first home and are struggling for space. Or if you’re renting, you want pieces that can easily move with you, which also doesn’t break the bank. Picking products you truly love rather than being on trend is key in the decision making.

House by John Lewis & Partners offers a range of products for living, dining and kitchen. Being both affordable and design led, you don’t have to compromise on either. This range is perfect for a renter or first time buyer sourcing products for their home, with the confidence the products will last and be loved in years to come.

For this post, I am going to show you how I have used John Lewis & Partner’s House products to style a small space of our living room, giving it a bit of life. Then show you how I have used them around the house in different locations and work just as well.

The Design Process

The space before…


My key requirements for the space were…

  • to feel fun, colourful and inviting.
  • ensure it is in keeping with our teal sofa and mid-century furniture.
  • bring in arm chairs rather than sofas to create a more versatile space.

Sometimes visualising a space can be really tricky and you don’t want to risk getting the feel of the space wrong. Potentially costing more money and time. So I create an elevation of space to really play around with finishes and fixings. I do mine in Photoshop, but you can do this in Word too.

JL Collab

Mustard has always been a firm favourite of mine, so these arm chairs from the House range really made my heart sing. The design has a mid-century feel about it and is really affordable at £175 per chair.

I also love pulling together a samples board. Seeing and feeling the fabrics and wall coverings in the flesh really helps pull together a coherent scheme.


Rather than buying a new radiator, we have decided to paint our radiator to save a little money. I’m hoping it will create a real design feature.

The finished living room

These mustard arm chairs from the House range really had my heart fluttering. Stylish, comfortable and affordable.

The Dice shelving unit has really given me an opportunity to get my shelfie styling on.

These pieces really fit in the space so well and reflect the fun and inviting room I strived to create. Choosing two arm chairs rather than a sofa means these can be easily moved around and used in different rooms for years to come.

Products in different homes

I’ve really enjoyed finding new ways of using the products around the home. Even though they won’t be staying there, it really shows how versatile and House range is.

Here I’ve used the Dice shelving unit and storage basket to store some of our kitchen goods. Producing an opportunity for living room and kitchen styling.

Here I’ve used the Sweep arm chair and cushion to add a little reading nook to our bedroom. Giving a pop of colour and comfort in one.

The living room has really come together thanks to the House collection. Having confidence in knowing the products will last and they will always be pieces I love for years to come allows me to enjoy the space that little bit more.

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