Christmas Craft: How to make a tassel garland

I will be the first to say that crafting doesn’t come naturally to me. When trying some I’ve seen on Pinterest, mine have swiftly entered the fail hall of fame. So this Christmas, I’m going to be showing you the easiest Christmas decorating crafts you can do. First up is this beaded tissue paper tassel garland (wow, that’s a bit of a mouthful!)

What you’re going to need for a 1 meter garland…

(I’ve linked everything I bought)

  1. Start by cutting a length of twine about 1.5m long so you’ve got an extra to play with. I would recommend working out where you want to put this first and measure the length of this to get the right size garland.
  2. Next feed on all 18 of your wood beads onto the twine.
  3. Get your tissue paper and decide which colour you want to start with. Take one sheet and cut this in half. (Your cut sheet size should be around 30cm x 25cm)


4. Next you want to fold the tissue paper in half on the short edge then on the long edge fold over itself a few times so the piece is about 5cm wide. Like if you were folding to make a fan.

5. With your cutting matt, steel ruler and cutting knife lay out your folded tissue paper and start slicing the paper around 1cm centimetre thick. Start from the folded end and cut along all the way to the bottom. Remember to leave a gap by the folder end of about 2cm as this is where your tassel will attach to the twine. (not sure why the colour changed the gold!)

5. Carefully pull apart the tissue paper and start fluffing up/separating the strands. This helps give the tassel texture.

6. Fold the tissue paper back up then fold one more time so the top edge is about 2cm thick. Then peg this to the twine.

7. Continue making more tassels. In total I made 10 (4 gold, 3 black and 3 white. Then I attached these leaving two beads between the tassels.


8. Once your finished. Cut the extra twine off the edges but leave enough to tie some loops on the end so you can hang this. We’ve hung ours on some hooks in our kitchen where our prints hang. You may want to put up some Command hooks for this.

And that’s it. Really simple but effective. These aren’t just for Christmas as well. Perfect for a birthday party, wedding or maybe a 1920s New Years Eve party.

What colours would you choose for your garland?



Author: Emma White

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