Colour Trends for 2020 Series {LILAC}

Why Lilac is a colour trend for 2020 Interior Design?

Remember, there is no pressure to keep up with trends in Interiors. To change a room could be huge and costly. This is just for a bit of inspiration and to have a look at some new design trends.

It’s no secret that Interior Design follows fashion design. So quite often, if you want to see what could be emerging in Interior trends, look to the rails.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t quite sold on this to start with as I grew up with a completely Lilac bedroom (adorned with the Busted and Hear Say posters to really add to the glam). But now, I’m loving it.

We’ve seen pink rein king in interiors for quite a few years now, but could Lilac be the new colour we lean to? Pink has become a staple neutral colours for design and Lilac could work in the same way. Having a grey undertone makes it great for a neutral if used in a contemporary way. Such as colour blocking or using it in matt materials.

I quite like Lilac being used as an accent. Especially in a dusty shade. Combined with different textures such a velvets and paired with brass features, will give it a much more luxury feel.

Lilac Colour Palettes

Light lilac


Yellow and purple are complimentary colours so will create a natural balance. Adding a light grey will keep a room feeling light however, stop the room feeling too overwhelmed with pastels.

Image: ilovelinen

Bold Lilac


Not so keen on pastel colours? Try using it as an accent to burnt orange and black and see the colour pop! Use with strong shapes to create quite an architectural but fun design.

Image: ciarbird

Darks Lilac


Want to embrace the full purple spectrum? Mixing together purple and lilac creates a really cohesive design. Adding more natural textures such as wood, stops the room looking flat, while also creating warmth.

Image: Homes to Love

Lilac Inspired Room Sets

Using paint colours and products you can purchase today, I’ve created some living room sets using lilac.

Room 1 – EMBRACE

The first one is inspired by the Tonal colour palette I put together before and is the boldest of the two. This is for someone who really wants to embrace the colours in a more refined and ‘grown-up’ way.  (all product used will be listed at the end of the post)

Bold Lilac Room

I’ve used colour blocking to create a feature for the wall, but have kept these tonal so it feels more considered. With a Merlot velvet sofa to add a bit of depth, but within a similar colour spectrum. I’ve pick out browns in the prints to add warmth and stop it feeling too monochromatic. Arches are a big trend at the moment in interiors, so I’ve pulled through this theme in the rug, mirror and lighting to give a structure.


Accent Lilac Room

Using inspiration from my calming colour palette, this room set shows how to use the colour as an accent. I’ve picked out some basics in terms of other furniture such as the grey sofa, Berber rug and the mandatory house plant. The Lilac helps give the room a relaxing feeling and acts a neutral.

Not so keen on Lilac? Read about Pantones colour of the year for 2020 – classic blue.

Other Interior Inspiration

Image: Domino 
Image: Unknown
Image: 2LG

Shop the colour


Jada Oriental Rug from Next Home – £20 – £60 shop here


Small Glass Purple Vase from H&M Home – £6.99 shop here

4545728920001_071_bChindi Gingham Cushion from Anthropologie – £85 shop here


Moonlit Side Plate from Anthropologie – £14.00 – shop here


Anya Floral Tufted Throw Pillow – Urban Outfitters – £39.00 shop here


Inglenook Paint by Earthborn Paint – shop here

So what do you think of Lilac? Would you start adding the colour into your home?

Shop the Room Sets

Room Set 1

Room Set 2 (Paint same as above)

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